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creativ.spaces – a small business with a big conscience

We believe that everyone should have access to the arts and regularly run community and charity events with creativity at its core. Helping communities connect with the arts can help to drive positive social change, improve mental health and wellbeing, and promote inclusivity.


Our artist community, Creative Locale, brings together local artists, artisans and designer/makers, through collaborative exhibitions and events, peer-to-peer support, and an ethical sales platform.




Whether you have a particular project or event in mind, want to explore the creative arts, or want to bring people together, our creative team can deliver impactful sessions tailored to your requirements.


using creativity to empower lives…

Fundraising? Team-building? Or just want to do something fun and beneficial to wellbeing? We have extensive experience working with charities to deliver creative events that meet your aims and objectives.


Schools, Museums, Educational Institutions & Local Authorities…

With qualified teachers and professional artists in our team, we run tailored creative workshops for children aged 4 upwards. From specific project driven sessions to Curriculum focussed activities, to mini artist residencies and creative & mental health weeks, we have something for everyone.

Event Decor & Festivals

pop-up creative sessions & unique event decor…

Our talented and diverse range of artists in our Creativ.Family mean we can create original permanent or temporary installations, murals and decor for your event or venue. Or perhaps you are looking to entertain an audience or provide an interactive experience, we have a whole programme of pop-up creative activities tailored to suit any event.


Creativ.Spaces was founded on the core belief that the very act of being creative, provides an holistic outlet for people to explore, experiment and relax.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the creative arts into the spotlight, seeing more people taking up creative activities for relaxation and wellbeing. Creative activities have been proven to bring together families and communities, can drive social change, plus make a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. See an excerpt below from the Arts Council review ‘The value of arts and culture to people and society’

whatever your brief – we can deliver…

Painting to Performance Art. Pottery to Poetry. Music to Meditation. Yoga to Yodeling. Gardening to Graffiti Art…

Have an idea? We love turning creative concepts into inspirational experiences

We love coming up with unique creative experiences

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What the experts say…

An Arts Council review looked into the impact of the Arts on societies, mental health and wellbeing, the economy and education. This is an excerpt of their findings…

“When we talk about the value of arts and culture, we should always start with the intrinsic – how arts and culture illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. This is what we cherish. These studies show that arts and cultural activities can have a positive impact on the symptoms of conditions, for example improved cognition, physical stability, or self-esteem, and the ability of people to manage them, for example through changes in behaviour and increased social contact. There is strong evidence that participation in the arts can contribute to community cohesion, reduce social exclusion and isolation, and/or make communities feel safer and stronger.”