“Just amazing. Such fun. Brilliant for mindfulness, teambuilding, teamsocial”

Jason Dalton, Safe Hands Bookkeeping




do something fun – In the office, at our studio or virtually…

Choose from a large selection of creative activities that aim to boost employee wellbeing, promote connectivity and communication, build leadership skills and keep your team engaged. Whether you opt for an away day, virtual session or workplace event, we supply all the guidance and materials to make your experience impactful and fun.


improve mental health & wellbeing…

A workplace retreat where we create a space away from the normal daily business activity to enable your employees to relax, recharge and connect with their creative voice. We also have a team of wellbeing and creative professionals who deliver interactive and informative sessions on all aspects of wellbeing, from sleep and nutrition, to stress reduction and mental health.


engage & impress customers, new audiences & influencers…

Whether you are looking to elevate your brand, launch a product or service, or impress & say thank you to clients, creative sessions are a great way to do this. We love creating brand-led art and creative activities for your audience to participate in. Brilliant for offices and shops looking to invite potential customers in and for sharing as part of your brand messaging and social media marketing.


Creativity for innovation, leadership, culture & change…

The arts have long been used to help drive change and innovation in larger companies across the globe. We have a bespoke programme of arts-led experiences that use artistic processes to create new perspectives for business challenges.

“Much creativity in the (training!) room with some festive Christmas wreath making in Hampden House last week.⁠ Lovely to get together with tenants from across Monument Park and for new paths to cross. ⁠⁠Thanks to Tamalia and Sue for their expert tuition. They walked and talked everyone through with such encouragement and creative wisdom. ⁠And, as you can see, the results were fab… all doors set to wear these with pride!⁠”

Donna McKnight, Jennings Business Park

“Yesterday was so wonderful and fun, thank you. Please thank all the lovely artists – they are so talented with beautiful work. Can’t wait to do more of this sort of thing!”

Lottie Kirby, Lifestyle Manager at Here + Now Buildings, Thames Valley Park, Reading

“Amazing pots made in our virtual workshop recently. Our clients had so much fun creating their very own terrazzo plant pot! Thank you for a great evening.”

Tina Clark, Parkside Architectural Tiles, Clerkenwell

“Thank you so much for such inspirational, interactive and fun team building workshops at Creativ.Spaces. The environment that you have created is calming and peaceful and fully conducive to motivating employees. Here at ML Academy we recognise that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success and as such are embedding health and well-being at the heart of our business strategy. We are seeing the benefit of our regular sessions with you as part of our overall plans because our people are our greatest asset.⁠”

Mike Wenn, Co-Founder ML Academy

creativ.spaces – a small business with a big conscience

We are incredibly passionate about bringing art into the businesses community. With a rise in mental and physical health issues in the workplace, employers are now choosing to be proactive in supporting their employees at work to ensure they provide a happier, healthier, more productive and thriving environment to work in. Combining our knowledge and expertise with your event objectives will ensure maximum return.

Our artist community, Creative Locale, also brings together local artists, artisans and designer/makers, through collaborative exhibitions and events, peer-to-peer support, and an ethical sales platform.


Creativ.Spaces was founded on the core belief that the very act of being creative, provides an holistic outlet for people to explore, experiment and relax. Creative based activities have long been recognised as beneficial to companies for driving innovation, solving problems and transforming culture. More recently studies have proven that creativity also has huge benefits on mental health and wellbeing.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought the creative arts into the spotlight, seeing more people taking up creative activities for relaxation and wellbeing. With more home workers and employees looking for a better work/life balance, companies are now having to ‘think outside the box’ to adapt to this new landscape. By offering incentives for employees, experiences for clients and creative ways to get noticed on social platforms, companies can get ahead of the curve and improve staff and client retention.

whatever your brief – we can deliver…

Painting to Performance Art. Pottery to Poetry. Music to Meditation. Yoga to Yodeling. Gardening to Graffiti Art…

Have an idea? We love turning creative concepts into inspirational experiences

We love coming up with unique creative experiences

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What the experts say…

An Arts Council review looked into the impact of the Arts on societies, mental health and wellbeing, the economy and education. This is an excerpt of their findings…

“When we talk about the value of arts and culture, we should always start with the intrinsic – how arts and culture illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. This is what we cherish. These studies show that arts and cultural activities can have a positive impact on the symptoms of conditions, for example improved cognition, physical stability, or self-esteem, and the ability of people to manage them, for example through changes in behaviour and increased social contact. There is strong evidence that participation in the arts can contribute to community cohesion, reduce social exclusion and isolation, and/or make communities feel safer and stronger.”